Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Carla Hall's Cheerios Banana Oat Muffins 11.9.11

First, aren't you just a little jealous of my heart shaped muffin pan?

And second, if you check the daily episode page for this recipe, you see that this is the first recipe ever that was not assigned to a host on the show.  I am not sure if that is an oversight on the part of the web writers or if it is a recipe provided by Cheerios.  There did seem to be a lot of product placement, as well as an advertised $1 coupon you can get by signing into The Chew website (Click HERE for The Chew coupon page).

But, my best gal, Carla did the demo for the recipe so I am filing this as a Carla Hall recipe.

Plenty to like about the muffins.  A new way to use up bad bananas.  And with just a tiny amount of sugar, egg whites in place of a whole egg and the whole grain Cheerios as a main ingredient... Well, let's just leave it that my heart shaped muffins are indeed a heart healthy dish!

I followed the recipe exactly as published on The Chew website (Click HERE for the web page and recipe).

Generally, it uses ingredients that I always have on hand.  I even had an old box of Cheerios in the back (doesn't everyone).  I even had some almost rotten bananas.

And the verdict... Pretty darn good.  Just as tasty as any banana bread recipe.  Moist and tender, filled with flavor.  Only down side, they were a bit grainy from the cheerios.  It is possible I did not crush them up enough.  I didn't want to smash them into dust, so I just busted them up a bit.

BUT, if you are concerned about heart health, have the ingredients around, I can certainly highly recommend these.  Maybe even a dish to make with small children.  Something for them to see a point A becomes Point B... that is Cheerios and bananas can become a very tasty muffin (and you could even pretend they are cupcakes)!

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  1. Only thing is Carla SHOULD have given credit where credit is due! The recipe was posted online over 2 years before the show was even on the air.


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