Monday, October 3, 2011

Adam Richman's Roasted Chicken Soup 10.3.11

I was very much looking forward to today's episode.  Adam Richman of Man vs Food fame was the guest.  Man vs Food is one of those guilty pleasures.  The show features Adam visiting a town and attempting to eat up to 7 pounds of a restaurant's specialty food (or painfully spicy hot food).  If he eats the challenge, Man wins!  If he can not, food wins.  Guilty pleasure indeed, considering the chefs are insulted by watching their work go unappreciated for it's quality, and society in general is insulted by the vulgar amounts of food wasted.  Since food styling and food shows are now commonly referred as "Food Porn", Man vs Food must be considered the Hustler Magazine of options.

But, I can't help myself.  It's the train wreck I love to watch.

Adam's segment was fun to watch.  He actually cooked.  The recipe published on the website (click HERE) is more Asian chicken stock soup.  It was fun to have Adam's mother in the audience to help add banter.  I do wish there was a segment added to allow more of Adam to be shown (his show, his stories must be entertaining about the last three years).  Would have been interesting to have Daphne Oz (the health expert) discuss the show with Adam,  BUT, 2 segments, a great recipe and enough to get to know the guest just a bit more than I had before.

As to the recipe, I made a few changes.

First, I have a homemade chicken stock.  The recipe calls for simmering the chicken stock for an hour... why???  There was mention of adding carrots, celery, trinity, etc. on the show, but I had done all that when I made the stock.  Just not sure what the purpose of a slow simmer is to my stock... So I didn't do that.

Click the Photo to see
ChiliDawg's website
Next, I have a limit as to how many extra ingredients I will buy for a recipe.  I bought the Sriracha the recipe (and Adam strongly) recommended.  I did not have any Duck sauce.  But I researched a bit and decided I could substitute a bit of ChiliDawg's PEACHbanero pepper sauce in place of the Duck sauce.

Go ahead, check up on what exactly Duck sauce is and this is a suitable substitute (which adds lots of interesting ways to use the sauce... but I digress).

I also had no Miso paste.  Again, a bit of research I decided I could use a thick Worcestershire sauce.  That's why if you look at my soup and compare to the shot from the show, mine is darker.

And finally, I used remains from a store bought rotisserie chicken.  I love my rotisserie chickens.  So cheap, so easy to find and so perfectly cooked!

I did make a paste of the PEACHbanero and Sriracha sauce. I then mixed the chicken bits with the new sauce and baked in a covered casserole dish for about 30 minutes to heat thoroughly.

With these changes in mind, I made the recipe as instructed on the site (and in the show).  It was very very easy to make and quite delicious.  Loved the glass noodles, the oriental taste and of course, Sriracha sauce is legendary for it;s unique spiced taste.  Mother's milk to many!

It was a terrific episode for the view.  I am wondering if the View episodes will be rerun during vacation times (or if the guests rotate time off so that the show is fresh each day).  If it is, I will want to give Michael Symon's Lola Burger a try.

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