Friday, October 21, 2011

Mario Batali's Eggs in Hell 10.21.11

Hmmmm... I've seen this before.  In fact, I've made this.  But I made mine as a Turkish dish, called Kefta.  My version has meatballs (Mario's just uses the eggs).

I did just a bit of research and this is actually one of those international dishes that has lots of names, lots of origins.  But the basics...

Eggs basted in a spiced tomato sauce.

And that's it.  As with all dishes, easy enough to personalize.  Add some Cajun spices for a New Orleans treat.  Add the spiced meatballs for a trip to Turkey.  Change it just a bit and you have a French, British, Mexican or Chinese dish.

Mario posted a very easy to replicate dish.  I followed his recipe exact (except for adding the meatballs).  You can see his version by clicking HERE.

The technique is all you need to know.

I am lucky enough to have a domed lidded stove top dish that this works perfect in.  You can see the cooking process.

Basically, saute some onions and jalapenos.

 Add the tomato sauce.

It has been a very good season for my tomatoes.  I happen to have made some fresh marinara sauce just a couple of days ago, so I had a 2 cup container ready to go.  I did add a cup of the Tomato Soup I blogged about a few days ago.  This was spiced with sriracha sauce, so it added plenty of heat to my dish!  Just the way I like it.

Get the sauce simmering.  I added my pre-browned meatballs in a pattern leaving enough room to drop the eggs in between the sausage.

It takes only about 5-6 minutes for the eggs to cook.  They are being basted in the sauce, so they get that lovely milky creamy look.

The yolks are also cooked PERFECT!  Just cooked through, but still nicely runny on the inside.

And this makes a GREAT breakfast.  Fast to assemble (even faster if you don't do the meatballs).  Delicious with the onions as a base, the spicy tang of the tomato sauce and just easily perfectly cooked poached eggs!

And again, so easy.  I am planning a few visitors in the near future and for the holidays.  This is an ideal dish for Thanksgiving morning (or the day after when you can add some turkey in place of the meatballs).  Like I said, I knew the dish already, and it was on my list.  BUT, thanks to the kick up the list from Mario's recipe, it's now moved up to be made again... and often!

And again, click HERE for the recipe!

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