Thursday, November 3, 2011

Eva Longoria's Pineapple Upside-Down Cake 11.3.11

What is more delicious than a classic Pineapple upside down cake???

Today's guest, fresh from the set of the final season of Desperate Housewives was Eva Longoria.  Of the actor/actress guest stars that The Chew has had, by far, Eva was the best.  She has serious cooking chops, owns a restaurant, has a family history in the industry (Aunt in the catering business) and just seems to really know what she is talking about!  Beautiful and funny doesn't hurt either.

I have to admit it has been a long time since I have made an upside down cake.  They are always impressive and not nearly as difficult as they look.  Eva does a nice job of explaining everything on the video of her segment (Click HERE to see that).  It was actually shown in two segments (and props to The Chew producers for giving her enough time for a short fun interview and to cook this dish.  Click HERE to see the second segment when the cake is flipped upside down.

The baked pineapple is delicious, flavored with the caramel sauce made with the butter and brown sugar.  And the candied Maraschino cherries add a such a wonderful sweet zip no one can resist this!

There is a bit of a controversy.  On the show, Eva mentions the importance of using Cake Flour.  On The Chew website, the recipe calls for all purpose flour.  I did make mine with cake flour.  I am sure that AP Flour would work, but the cake has a lighter texture with cake flour.  Almost a spongy cake.  Which considering the topping of caramel that is baked in, it is a much better texture than the denser AP flour would make.

Use Cake Flour.

Other than that, I followed the recipe printed on the website to a TEE!  Click HERE to see the website printable recipe.

The cake was delicious, light and filled with so many layers of flavors.  Caramelized pineapple, cherries and a delicious sweet cake makes this just about perfect in every way.

Now, how about bringing Eva back to make the soup she talked about???

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