Monday, October 31, 2011

Michael Symon's Caramelized Onions 10.31.11

I am sorry about the terrible picture of the finished product, but I was in the midst of Halloween plans (that The Chew figured prominently in).  But, here these little sweet jewels are...

Not going to spend a lot of time talking about these, as I want to show off my Halloween...

BUT... Incredibly easy and incredibly useful little condiment.  Of course, on The Chew website you will find a delicious tutorial in print (Click HERE for the printed recipe), and also the video of Michael making his (Click HERE for the video recap).

I did make one small change (two ingredients and I still make a change... go figure).  I had fried up a pound of bacon, so i caramelized my onions in BACON FAT!!!

About the only trick is to keep the heat low so nothing gets burnt.  Be patient, it takes at least 30 minutes, sometimes more,.  Beyond that, you are waiting for the natural sugars to work their way out of the onions and then to melt and become... CARAMEL!  Well, a form of caramel any way.

I do love that The Chew crew are adding little extras to the dishes they make.  It's the little extras that really can make a dish stand out.

Like here...

It's my world (well, Cul de Sac) famous REDNECK SHEPHERD's PIE!

But I wonder, since I used the incredible warm vinaigrette potato salad using Mario Batali's recipe, should I still call it "redneck"???

It is my favorite left over dish.  Especially after a great smoke (Ribs, pulled pork and beans, not Marlboros).

Layer of leftover Smoked Beans
Layer of leftover Pulled pork
Add a can of Creamed Corn
Add a layer of these caramelized Onions
add a drizzle of BBQ sauce
Add a layer of mashed potatoes

And for the mashed potatoes this time I used the leftover warm potato salad that Mario showed The Chew back on October 12th.

It's an incredible salad, made with a vinaigrette, capers, fennel seeds, scallions and lots more.

I had just enough left over from our party last weekend to make this dish. I just warmed it up a bit, made mashed potatoes from the original salad and viola... an incredible mashed potato salad, perfect top top my former Redneck Shepherd's pie.

Guess I need to start calling this my Mario Batali Redneck Shepherd's pie!

Which we served to my favorite taste tester just before we settled into our annual Norman Rockwell Halloween.  My neighborhood is pretty popular for trick or treaters.  It's a neighborhood of 4 bedroom houses, so everyone has kids.  My wife and I and our neighbors join forces, sit out on our drive way and hand out candy, bouncy balls and light sticks.

We also dress for the occasion...

That's my wife on the left as my Spoon, my favorite taste tester neighbors, Jim and Herme as my knife and fork...

And here's me as...

The IRON Chef !!!

And, in hopes that Michael Symon would stop by for a memorable Halloween...

The secret ingredient was Bacon... Chocolate Bacon Buttons for all the Mom's and Dads (well, the first 100 moms and dads, that's how many I made with a pound of bacon and 1 bag of Chocolate Chips.

Happy Halloween from the suburbs...

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