Friday, October 7, 2011

Michael Symon's Grilled Banana, Bacon, Chocolate and Hazelnut Sandwich 10.7.11

There must be a dirty word that the host's of The Chew are not allowed to say...


Throughout the segment, they simply referred to the Chocolate/Hazelnut spread.  Whoa to anyone with an urge to give this a try, but are not aware.

Although personally, I think Nutella should be appointed it's own food group on the charts.  It is a name brand and believe it or not, there are other brands advertising themselves as chocolate/hazelnut, so I guess I can see the need to be coy about the name.

But come on... it's Nutella!

I do think that Michael Symon missed an opportunity with this recipe.  On the show, he advises buttering the bread before you toast the sandwich.

Much as he is such an advocate of bacon fat (the rendered grease after frying up the bacon), why not just toast the sandwich in the bacon fat.... YUM!

This is one of those recipes where everything is in the title.

It's a sandwich, so you need a couple slices of bread (I make my own, but on the show, Michael just uses a couple of slices of a store bought loaf).

Nutella spread

Bananas (sliced lengthwise)


Assemble the sandwich and fry in a thin layer of bacon fat (or butter the bread and toast as Michael does in the show).

The Chew website does have a recipe posted, Click HERE.  Although for some reason they leave off the banana in the title and in their photo (it is in the recipe and was shown on the show).

As to the taste... this ranks as an incredible OMG !!!  Sure, it's an odd combination, hot bananas, chocolate and bacon, but it all comes together perfect.  As I said, Nutella can do no wrong.  I am filing this away for family visits.  Think Thanksgiving or Christmas morning with lots of kids and grandkids.  This is a HOME RUN!

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