Monday, November 14, 2011

Mario Batali's Roasted Pumpkin With Fontina Fonduta 11.14.11

OK, today's recipe I actually made exactly as shown in the episode.  I was able to track down the specialty cheese suggested.  A bit pricey, but you only needed 4 ounces.

I did toast the pumpkin seeds.  On the show Mario suggested some heat spices... I used Cayenne!

You can view the recipe on The Chew website (Click HERE).

You can also view the video of Mario making the dish on the same site (Click HERE for the video).  It's not terribly difficult, but the video is broken down to 2 parts (Click HERE for the 2nd part).

The sauteed pumpkin cubes were exactly as Mario said they would be.  A crunchy bite on the outside, as well as a soft chewy center.

The spices were delicious.  My wife actually thought that I had made a sweet potato recipe.  The color was perfect and the cheese; the creamy goodness expected!

I simply loved it.

A brand new side dish, sure to delight!

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