Monday, October 17, 2011

Daphne Oz's Poached Eggs With Sweet Potato Pancakes 10.17.11

Oh My!

I am such a huge fan of Latkes.  Those wonderful potato pancakes.  Around our house, it is a traditional breakfast on Christmas morning.  The kids got to play with the toy that Santa brought while I whipped a few up.  No gifts from Mom and dad till after breakfast.  So I always associate warm family times with them.

These are a Daphne's healthy version and my my... dare I say better than my original?

I saw her make these and knew they would be on my must make list.  I adore sweet potatoes, combined with a snappy granny smith apple and a little bit of carrot, this just screamed healthy... But it also was just delicious.  Would make a fine alternative side dish for dinner.

But when you top them with the poached egg, it is simply a wonderful breakfast!

I do need to quibble with the servings, as I made this exactly as posted on The Chew website (Click HERE for the recipe).  the recipe says it serves 5.  I made this for a lunch for my wife and myself.  It served two and only two.  Maybe we were just hungry.  Maybe I used a small potato.  Or, maybe it was just that good.

I'm gonna say it's that good.

There is quite a bit of grating to do.

It was about a tie in the amount of time it would take to grate by hand vs. grating in a food processor.  But, if I were making enough for a larger family, I would recommend the processor.

Plus, I didn't grate my knuckles.

Aside from the processor, no changes to the recipe.

Again, click HERE for the recipe.

I did like the poached egg that Daphne used.  Personally, I like a VERY runny egg, my wife prefers a runny egg, but not as much as mine.  Poaching is a very easy way to cook to order.

But honestly... what a great dish!


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